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Last few cupcake bags available on Josie and @STWorKx stalls!

We’ve heard from our stockists that a number of people have been asking after Natalie Imbruglia’s limited edition cupcake bag! We thought they were all sold out but we have discovered there are in fact around 10 cupcake bags still available.

If you want one, you can find them at Josie’s fruit and vegetable stall (which is on the corner of Portobello and Lancaster Road in front of Gregg’s bakery). You’ll have to ask Josie for a bag as they are tucked up in her van away from the cold and damp.

The handsome Ed (@STWorKx on Twitter), who runs a fab stall selling discounted MAC and Benefit makeup, is also in possession of a small number of cupcake bags. Ed’s stall is usually located close to Office shoes.

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