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Meet some of our Notting Hill Shopping Bag stockists

If you’re wondering where to buy a Notting Hill Shopping Bag, it is stocked at over 30 stalls and shops along Portobello Road Market, from Notting Hill Gate to Goldbourne Road.

Rikki (left), who some of you might recognise from last year’s X Factor, sells bags from her vintage jewellery stall opposite the Hummingbird Bakery. Rikki also takes her stall to Covent Garden Market during the week.

You can also buy bags from Sal (right) who has a stall in front of the Lonsdale pub. He hangs his bags from a lampost in front of his stall and has become one of our top sellers.

Mark and Sue Barr (left) are another top seller! Their stall, which sells English knitwear and thermals, can be found just past the fruit and vegetable market in front of Cafe Garcia. It’s the place to go if you need a new jumper or a thermal vest – or a Notting Hill Shopping Bag!

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