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Natalie Imbruglia’s limited edition shopping bag on sale from Friday

Here is the first picture of X Factor judge Natalie Imbruglia’s cupcake-themed Notting Hill Shopping Bag which goes on sale across Notting Hill and from stalls on Portobello Road Market from Friday.

The X-Factor judge has designed a limited editon ‘cupcake’ themed cotton bag for the Notting Hill Shopping Bag Company. Her bag is inspired by her love of Portobello Road’s famous Hummingbird Bakery, and will be on sale for the next month in shops and stalls around Notting Hill.

The bag is one of a series of bags produced by The Notting Hill Shopping Bag project, a new community project, which aims to reduce plastic bag use, and donates 10% of profits to good causes. The first bag in the series featured an image designed by an 11-year-old pupil at Colville Primary School, and future bags are already in the pipeline from pupils of other schools and other celebrities who live in Notting Hill.

Natalie Imbruglia’s spokesman said: “Natalie loves all the unique bars and cafes along Portobello Road and often stops at the Hummingbird for a cupcake.”

Her limited edition bag is priced at £10, and will be available from stalls along Portobello Road Market and shops across Notting Hill.

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