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Want to buy a bag?

The Notting Hill Shopping Bag is so far stocked from the start of Pembridge Road to just past the A40 flyover on Portobello Road.

Stockists include

  • Yates Buchanan
  • The Factory Outlet
  • Savannah
  • Scottish Cashmere
  • The Blue Door
  • Sal’s souvenir stall in front of the Earl of Lonsdale, Ricky and Toni’s vintage jewellery stall, and Francis Saccho’s vintage stall in front of Gayle’s cafe!
  • A number of stalls between HSBC and the flyover bridge including Eddie’s fruit and vegetable stall in front of Cath Kidston, Cheryl’s fruit and veg stall in front of Octopus, Maureen and Josie’s fruit and veg stalls in front of Greggs, Daniella’s jewellery stall in front of Shannon’s pub and Mark Barr’s English jumpers stall in front of Cafe Garcia.
  • The bag is also stocked at other stalls and shops en route, including The Travel Bookshop and Koci Koci.

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