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The Notting Hill Shopping Bag is priced £10 online, plus postage. Jute bags are priced £12, plus postage. Please select the bag you would like, making sure you select the correct destination too!

Please note, if you are choosing a cotton bag, and have a preference as to which design you will be sent (all cotton bags have the logo on one side and a children’s design on the other), please add a note via paypal as you check out.

Designs currently in stock for cotton bags are map design, market design, cupcake design, house design, tube design and bike design.


Cotton Notting Hill Shopping Bags

bags hangingUK & EUROPE

£10 cotton bag

(plus postage of £3.70)

[wp_cart_button name=”Cotton bag to Europe” price=”13.70″]



bags hangingUSA and rest of world

£10 cotton bag

(plus postage is £5.99)

[wp_cart_button name=”Cotton bag to rest of the world” price=”15.99″]




Jute and Jutco Notting Hill Shopping Bags

jute bagJute bag (brown) including postage £16.99

[wp_cart_button name=”Brown jute bag” price=”16.99″]




red bagJutco bag (red) including postage £16.99

[wp_cart_button name=”Red jutco bag” price=”16.99″]




pink bagJutco bag(pink) including postage  £16.99

[wp_cart_button name=”Pink junco bag” price=”16.99″]