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Buckingham Palace Bag | Notting Hill Shopping Bag

Buckingham Palace | Notting Hill Bag


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Notting Hill Shopping Bag in natural colour with Buckingham Palace design. With iconic Notting Hill Shopping Bag logo at the back. Buckingham Palace Tote Bag has produced by natural fibre, which is 100% Cotton. Our bags are official shopping bag of Portobello Market which is the biggest market of London.

Fabric Composition: 100% Cotton

Customer Reviews

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Ricky Estrada
Best tote bag!

I traveled to England and bought my first bag and absolutely loved it. Came back to the states and regretted not getting another one. So inhad to place and order and it was definitely worth it.

Tania Findlay MBE
Sturdy, environmentally friendly & eye catching!

Went shopping in Portobello Road & saw lots of people using these bags & thought it was a lovely idea! So, although I don’t live in London anymore, I bought one & use it at home in Cornwall! It’s well-made & worth every penny!