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Spotted in Ladbroke groveI know I know, Ladbroke Grove isn’t exactly that far away. In fact, it’s just meters from Portobello Road so this bag had probably just been bought. It hasn’t even left Notting Hill yet to start its journey back to who knows where.

But do you know what is special about this spot?

It’s that I spotted it! And I took this picture!

And even now, four years after starting The Notting Hill Shopping Bag, I still can’t describe how amazing it is to see someone, a real life person, carrying a product that you created. Whenever I see someone with a bag, I say to myself ‘Thank you for buying a bag’ and I’ve even taught my kids to say the same thing too. Why? Because it’s an honour to think that this person, who walked through the thousands of products on Portobello Road, chose the buy the one that I created.

So to the lady in this picture, thank you for buying a bag! And thank you for giving my day that warm fuzzy glow it always gets when I see someone carrying a Notting Hill Shopping Bag.


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